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Our concept

We have cut all unnecessary costs so that our guests can get more for their money.

What are your best memories of a good hotel stay? We’ve asked ourselves this question many times, using our answers to create a modern and up-to-date hotel concept. We have cut everything unnecessary, and focus instead on the core experience.

We have automated the check-in process, so you no longer have to stand in line in a hotel reception in order to get your room key.
Instead you will automatically receive a unique code making it easy for you to check in when you want.
You can share your unique code with the family or friends joining your stay, so that you are not dependent on having to share and coordinate a key or access card.

Our reception is fully online which means you can easily contact us and get fast replies. Our reception team is available 24/7, 365. This means that we are easily available both before, during and after your stay.
Many other hotels take hours or days to reply to questions. However, you will find that we respond immediately, 24 hours a day. We also have staff at our hotels, so that there always is someone to help you.

We like being able to self cater but also having some hotel type facilities. The property is managed remotely but all the check-in arrangements are slick and well communicated ahead of arrival. The staff are unfailingly professional and courteous, responding quickly on email, text or phone.
— Jo, guest
Inside Round Tower
Picture taken from Rundetårn, the neighbor to Rosenborg Hotel Apartments

Contact-free check-in with a unique code

Most people have probably experienced standing in a long line in a hotel lobby just to receive a key at the reception. However, at Nord Collection we have replaced the physical reception with an online reception, ensuring that you receive your unique code before arrival. All our hotels are equipped with intelligent smart locks, which require a unique code and which only work for you and those with whom you share the code with – and only for the period you have booked. It is both easy and convenient.

If you arrive earlier than your apartment or room is ready, most of our hotels offer free luggage storage so you can leave your luggage and start exploring the city. As soon as your room is ready for check-in, you will receive a message from us. In that way, you will almost always be able to check in earlier if you write to us that you need to check in before 14:00 (2.PM). As soon as your room is ready for check-in, you will receive a message from us.

In-room tablet in all apartments

In-room tablet

All our apartments and rooms are equipped with a tablet, which acts as an electronic welcome folder. Here we have collected guides for the apartment / room and the surrounding area. Additional services can also be ordered on the tablet, and via the built-in chat you as a guest can get in touch with our reception around the clock.

Standard facilities in our apartments

We have rethought the way to run a hotel, and from our own travels around the world have gained a number of personal experiences about what facilities we appreciate during a hotel stay.

We focus on the guest experience from A to Z, and based on the feedback we receive, we continuously evaluate and constantly try to improve.

In all our apartments you will find the following:

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