New Nord Collection - Nord Collection

Meet the new Nord Collection

Nord Collection is a Copenhagen-based hospitality company focused on automated and contactless hotel experiences.

Since our start, we’ve been reinventing what a hotel stay could and should be. Our philosophy is to cut all unnecessary things, often associated with hospitality and hotels, like a physical reception or hotel restaurant. The benefits are many; our guests can enjoy suite-size apartments for the price of an ordinary hotel room, they can check-in and out at their convenience, and they experience a more private, independent, and liberated hotel stay.

Our concept has proven successful during 2020 and 2021, when most hoteliers suffered greatly due to the Corona pandemic. What’s more, we have been ranked among the top hotels in Copenhagen on and

Foto: Razvan Mirel
Foto: Razvan Mirel

Going into 2022, we decided to upgrade our services and appearance to match today's business.

So we partnered with Odd Society – an independent design agency based in Copenhagen – to rebuild our online presence. The result is a new visual identity inspired by our beloved Danish capital, a new website, and a guest platform.

The logo consists of two fonts. The word "Nord," written in Circular, is accompanied by the degree symbol, emphasizing the meaning of the Danish word for North. "Collection" is typed in Reckless to add a contrast to the logo.

Copenhagen, the birthplace of Nord Collection, is known for its beauty and architecture.

One of the predominant colors in the cityscape is the orange tint found in the classic brick. Our color palette is therefore based on the warm and welcoming colors of the city.

Our new identity is modern, energetic and brave, just like our guests.

2022 is a year of growth

We have plans of opening more hotels in 2022, thus growing our collection. And the thing we look forward to the most – we will, finally, be able to welcome guests from all over the world again. So please join us as we explore, challenge, and redefine what a hotel experience could be.