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Benefits of booking directly

Book directly - it pays off!

There are a number of benefits to booking directly through the our website rather than booking through an external booking platform. By booking directly with us, we ensure that you can get fast answers to questions or other inquiries.

Benefit #1 | Secured the best price

When you book your stay directly on our website, you are guaranteed the lowest price. If you find a lower price elsewhere, you should still book here – we match the price you have found and provide additional benefits on top. Weekly and monthly rates automatically apply when you book directly.

Benefit #2 | Arrive earlier, leave later

Our normal check-in time is from 14:00 (2 P.M.). If you need to get in earlier than at 14, we will prioritize getting the apartment ready as early in the day as possible. Send us a message, and we will note your wish and do our best to have it ready sooner.
At most of our hotels we have check-out at 10 A.M. (SleepCph at 11 A.M.). If you book directly through us, we will give you a free late check-out, so the check-out time is at 12 P.M. instead of 10 A.M.

Benefit #3 | Booking without intermediaries

There is no middleman and no hidden fees. You communicate directly with us which makes it fast and easy to make changes to your reservation.

Benefit #4 | A flexible cancellation policy

If you book through our website, you are also guaranteed the best and most flexible cancellation policy. Read more about the specific terms for cancellation and changes to reservations under our terms and conditions.

Benefit #5 | Free cleaning during your stay

Cleaning is always included at check-out. If you book directly with us and stay for more than 7 nights, you will be offered one free “midway” cleaning for every 7 nights you stay with us. If you want more frequent cleaning, or are staying less than 7 nights, you will always be able to buy “midway” cleanings.